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Recruit international teachers for our Teach USA program
  • Overview

    Greenheart Exchange’s Teach USA Program connects highly-qualified international teachers with U.S. host schools to promote cultural understanding and public diplomacy. The purpose of the Teach USA program is to promote interaction and enhance mutual understanding between U.S. and international teachers. Participating teachers are placed in a K-12 host school for 1-3 years and teach a wide range of subjects. During this program, teachers can expect to sharpen their professional skills and take part in cross-cultural activities within their schools and local communities.

    Greenheart Exchange works with like-minded organizations around the world to ensure the continued success of the Teach USA program. Thank you for your interest in becoming a Greenheart Exchange international sending partner.

  • Program Options

    Greenheart Exchange provides two (2) program options:

    • Self-Placed (SP): placements are arranged directly between the teacher and a Teach USA approved host school, supplemented by Greenheart Exchange’s sponsorship.
    • Full Program (FP): placements are facilitated by Greenheart Exchange Teach USA, matching accredited host schools with a qualified, experienced teacher.
  • Eligibility

    All Teach USA applicants must:

    • Meet the qualifications for teaching at the primary or secondary levels in schools in their country of nationality.
    • Have a degree equivalent to a 4-year U.S. bachelor’s degree in Education or the academic subject field in which they intend to teach.
    • Have a minimum of 2 years teaching or related professional experience.
    • Satisfy the teaching eligibility standards of the U.S. state in which he or she will teach, including any required criminal background checks.
    • Be of good reputation and character.
    • Agree to come to the U.S. as a full-time teacher of record in an accredited primary (including pre-kindergarten) or secondary school.
    • Be proficient in English. Teachers will be interviewed in English to assess verbal ability and comprehension.
    • Be working as a teacher at the time of application.


    Applicants NOT working as a teacher at the time of application must:

    • Meet the qualifications for teaching at the primary or secondary levels in schools in his or her home country (including pre-kindergarten).
    • Have at least two years of full-time teaching experience within the past eight years.
    • Have completed an advanced degree (in Education or in the academic area he or she intends to teach) within 12 months of his or her application submission date for the program
    • Have a completed Foreign Credential Evaluation (FCE) prior to interviewing with a Greenheart Exchange host school.
  • Timeline

    Eligibility Evaluations for 2024-25:Open November 15, 2023
    Application Deadline for 2024-25:Close June 2024
    U.S. Arrival Dates:July – September
    U.S. School Year:August – June

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  • FAQ

    What is the purpose of the Exchange Visitor Program?

    The Exchange Visitor Program promotes mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries by educational and cultural exchanges. This Non-Immigrant Visa program is overseen by the U.S. Department of State and gives foreign nationals the opportunity to come to the U.S. on short-term immersion programs to learn U.S. customs and culture.

    At the end of the program, Interns and Trainees return to their home countries to share what they learned and experienced with their peers, thereby supporting the development of peaceful international relations.

    What is the role of the visa sponsor?

    The visa sponsor is a private-sector organization designated by the U.S. Department of State to administer the program. As the J-1 visa sponsor, Greenheart Exchange is responsible for ensuring that the Intern and Trainee program is compliant with all federal regulations, that the prospective applicant is eligible and will have ample opportunity for cultural immersion, and that the host organization will provide a quality training environment.

    What makes Greenheart Exchange unique from other Exchange Visitor Program sponsors?

    Greenheart Exchange’s dedicated staff have a deep understanding of Exchange Visitor Program regulations, a commitment to customer service, and a passion for cultural exchange.

    What do I need to present in order to determine if Greenheart Exchange can sponsor my candidate?

    Fill out our online inquiry form and our team will get in touch with you regarding next steps to begin your application.

    Can I complete the online application on behalf of a client?

    Yes. Greenheart Exchange utilizes a user-friendly online application system. Once the application is complete, you can share the login credentials with your client, so they will have access to a mandatory virtual orientation. They will also have access to important program resources, including information about social security, taxes, health insurance, and cultural opportunities in their area.

    Do you have an expedited option?

    Yes. Greenheart Exchange offers expedited processing service. Please inquire directly for more details.

    Do you sponsor the J-2 dependent visa?

    Yes. Greenheart Exchange is able to sponsor J-2 spouse and child dependents. We also offer medical insurance for J-2 dependents. Please inquire directly for more details.

    What is the cost of the program?

    Greenheart Exchange can release pricing information upon confirming eligibility of the applicant. Please note that all program fees are charged to the participant, and there is no fee requested of the host organization.

    Where can I find more information on Exchange Visitor program regulations for International Teachers??

    Regulations governing the Exchange Visitor Program are publicly available in the Code of Federal Register (22 C.F.R § 62). Specific Intern and Trainee program regulations can be found at 22 C.F.R § 62.22. More information about the Exchange Visitor Program can be found on the Department of State’s official Exchange Visitor website.

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